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By Steve — In Discussion — July 4, 2022


Whether you want to pursue a higher degree, up skill to excel at your current job, or leverage your career further — distance education is the perfect option open both for working professionals and full-time students to continue their education with a ton of flexibility in terms of time, money, location and pressure involved.

Distance education is revolutionizing.

Unlike the traditional physical face-to-face classroom model, distance learning happens online. In 2022, the global distance education industry has grown by almost 900% — becoming a go-to option for international students to pursue higher education from global institutions, especially courses such as — Online MBA, BBA, BCA, and MCA.

Following the trend, distance education in UAE has gained massive popularity. Give it to UAE’s newly launched academic reforms, heavy investments in educational experiences, global & world-class institutions, or steady growth in the education sector— it’s emerged as one of the most popular options for distance learning.

But how exactly does distance learning in UAE benefit your career and further your future career prospect?

These are the questions we will cover in this article and guide you towards understanding how distance education in the UAE can boost your career and diversify your future prospects of growth.

Here’s what we’ll discuss;
  1. Why Distance Education In UAE in 2022?
  2. How Distance Education In UAE Benefits Your Career in 2022?
  3. What Universities can you opt for your distance education in the UAE?
  4. What are the courses available at these universities


online education in uae

It has never been easier to get high-quality education in the UAE without having to leave your home country. With flexible learning options and a variety of online courses available, you can easily find a program in an accredited institution that meets your needs and helps you reach your professional goals. Distance education in the UAE can benefit your career in 2022 by providing you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your career.

The key here is to look for accredited institutions to make sure you get yourself enrolled for an exceptional educational experience.



Increased In Annual Income:

How would pursuing an additional degree or course help you increase your current income?

Well, the answer is simple — the new knowledge bank and skills you’d acquire pursuing your e-learning courses would open up a lot of new doors for you. While you’d be able to get better-paying job opportunities that you may not have been eligible for earlier, you can also excel and even get promoted to your current role with your supplementary knowledge and skills. Both scenarios lead to a hike in your current salary or overall annual income.

Fast & Flexible Learning:

Did you know that we learn faster online than in a conventional physical setting?

Interestingly, E-learning takes 40% to 60% less time to learn the same thing as compared to learning the same thing in an offline setting. Give it the flexibility to learn at your own pace, the comfort of your favourite spot to learn from (location independence), or the increased energy levels which you would otherwise spend travelling and hassling to attend classes— E-learning is scientifically proven to be much faster, flexible and convenient.

And, not forget that distance education can be an excellent way for working professionals to continue their education without having to leave their jobs and sacrifice their stable income.

Study At An Accredited University Without Moving Anywhere:

One of the biggest benefits of distance education is Location independence. You can be anywhere in the world and can still fulfil your wish to study at top-class accredited institutions in the UAE. Without having to leave your job, family, and home country behind. And to top it all off, you also cut down on the heavy travelling and relocation costs. Making distance learning in the UAE a win-win situation in all aspects.

Study Better With UAE’s Expanding Educational & Research Work

UAE is experiencing heavy investments, attention, and collaborations for its educational and research sector. Making it an attractive and top-notch place to obtain globally recognized academic qualifications. From big corporate houses to educational institutions, UAE is collaborating with highly reputed partners to improve their STEM institutes even further.

This means, your e-learning would be highly industry-relevant and practical and under the guidance of highly qualified faculties. You’ll be able to grasp the globally relevant knowledge and skills to significantly improve your future employment and overall career prospects.

Courses for working professionals



UAE is full of options when it comes to distance learning. Still, as we’ve mentioned earlier you’ve to be mindful to choose only accredited and reputable institutions that can offer you industry-relevant and acclaimed online courses.

Just like we do at the Brillianz group. We have a network of globally recognized universities and institutions under us that are offering professional online courses such as Online MBA, BBA, BA, MA, MSc, Bsc, Bcom, BCA, MCA and Ph.D. courses, etc. for working professionals to give them better leverage in today’s ever-changing workplace.

Check the website for complete information.

We’re partners with international universities like:


While the list of courses offered at these universities is comprehensive, in this section, let’s talk about some of the popular & in-demand online courses that you can opt for as per your field of study or industry requirements from one of these globally recognized universities. The certificates from the university are internationally recognized and are useful for higher education, applying for government Jobs, and Migration to different countries.

Online MBAdistance mba course

The most popular online course ever, every working professional prefers to add up an MBA degree to their resume without quitting their current corporate role. And why should they not? An online MBA course adds so much value to a professional’s job profile and helps you in staying updated and relevant in the industry you are in.

You learn all the necessary skills, get comprehensive insights into your industry and learn to solve technical problems in your organization. It’s a great way to level up your job profile, stay updated, and always have a diverse set of opportunities open up for you.

Our global partner universities such as Jaipur National University, Lincoln University, etc are all offering accredited and industry-relevant online MBA courses with great placement prospects. Check out the prospectus here.

Online BBA Course

Following the online MBA course, the distance BBA course is also a very popular course among students who are keen to explore the management field. This course serves as a building block for a basic understanding of the management field. This course is ideal for students who are fresh out of school, professionals with a background in fields other than management, or even individuals in managerial positions who want to get equipped with a competitive advantage in their workplace or industry by learning the hands-on skills, techniques, and knowledge of the field.

Explore more about online BBA at globally recognized universities like Jaipur National University, Lincoln University, etc.

Online M.Com, MCA, and MA

Business and Management courses aren’t the only popular options in the e-learning space. This space is equally triumphed by the courses in Information and arts as well. Students and professionals like to go for these courses to upgrade their knowledge, add a new roster of skills and abilities to their profile and open new doors to highly valued and paying opportunities.

Students usually pursue courses like online M.Com, MA & MCA to balance work and studies at the same time and to avail opportunities that come with them such as — promotions & placements at higher positions, the pathway to doctoral degrees, or leveling up their qualifications.

Explore more about these online courses at globally recognized universities like Jaipur National University, Lincoln University, etc.

That’s not it.

The UAE is fairly popular for its STEM courses. There are many other options that you can opt for your e-learning such as Psychology, Finance, Project Management, Journalism & Communications, Marketing, etc. 

Enquire more about the courses

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